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Happy Krishna Janmashtami Hindi Status Quotes Lines for Facebook WhatsApp 2016

Happy Krishna Janmashtami Facebook FB Status WhatsApp Status Lines Quotes In Hindi English 2016

Happy Janmashtami FB Status for Facebook WhatsApp in Hindi हिंदी: Now Free Download Hindi English Status for Facebook on Krishna Gokul Ashtami. Krishna Janmashtami is a biggest religious festival of the world which is celebrated by approx nine hundred million devotees across the world. Festival is all about the faith on God. Lord Krishna have a unique image and most loved God among all , he is a romantic lover.

Krishna Janmashtami 2016 WhatsApp Status Quotes for Facebook FB

Shri Krishna Birthday Status for WhatsApp Facebook : On this Festival which is on 25 August 2016. Many people don't know When is Krishna Janmashtami 2016? because some are shifted to abroad and got bust in their business life, as they are also devotee of Lord Krishna so this must be our efforts to share this festival as more as we can so that everyone can be blessed by the Lord krishna this year. Sending wishes or sharing Krishna Janmashtami Facebook Quotes is also very important to wish these religious and big festivals. These status are very special and exclusive for Krishna Janmashtami 2016 which you can post on your timeline of Facebook or set as a status of WhatsApp. Social Sites Like Facebook and WhatsApp are the best medium now-a-days to spread a message, make a good advantage of this by posting the Shubh Janmashtami Facebook Lines which will help to spread this Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2016 to worldwide and every devotee weather he is in india or he is in abroad can do Pooja and get blessed.
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Happy Janmashtami Facebook Lines Quotes In Hindi English

As we know we celebrate this festival as a birth of Lord Krishna, and devotees do fast for whole day on this day. Also people like to sing Happy Janmashtami Status In Hindi on this day to remember the whole history of Lord Krishna. Dahi handi is also a practice done by the people by make a gathering of young boys in round shape and people stand upon each other and make a stair shape, the youngest boy of that area goto to the handi which is placed on a good height and break it this is a kind of a shagun of this festival. Below is the Krishna Janmashtami Thoughts for Facebook Whatsapp from which you can choose the best to share on this festival.

If things are happening according to your wish..You are lucky, but if not ITS HAPPENING ACCORDING TO KRISHNA’S WISH..HARE KRISHNA
The Day of Love and Fortune,The day of Birth of Lord Krishna
A Lover,Friend & Divine Guru,Happy Krishna Janmashtami
Sri krishna janmashtami mangalmaya ho,Om Namo Bagwate Vasudewaya,
Jai Sri Radhe Jai Sri Krishna,Happy Krishna Janmashtami
Ek Radha Ek Meera, Dono ne shyam ko chaaha,ab shyaam pe hai sara bhaar, kis ki preet kare sweekar.Happy Krishna Janmashtami
May da Natkhat Nandlal always give you, many reasones 2 be Happy and u find peace in Krishne consciousness. Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Shubh Janmashtami WhatsApp Status Lines In Hindi Marathi Bhojpuri

If you liked the Krishna Janmashtami Hindi Status for Fb Facebook then share this article’s url to all of your friends and relatives, people like wishes from the people they love. Share and tag people on your wishes with Krishna Janmashtami Images because a beautiful wish is incomplete without and message and a image we have shared all the stuff of the upcoming Janmasthami so take the complete benefit of this website and refer other people to visit this website also for the ideas of Temple Decoration and much more.

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