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Happy Janmashtami Facebook & Whatsapp Status Lines Thoughts Update 2016 In Hindi

Krishna Janmashtami WhatsApp Status Updates In Marathi Gujarati Telugu Tamil Hindi English : Hello friends!! wishing you all a very happy Krishna Janmashami.It is a very auspicious occassion celebrated as a birthday of god krishna .

Happy Janmashtami Facebook Profile Status In Hindi Marathi

Shubh Krishna Janmashtami Fb Status for Boys Girls : This year it is celebrated on the 25th august so if you all are searching for janmashtami Facebook and Whatsapp Status Update 2016 you are on rite site ,go through the complete posts and you will find the related content you need .Mostly there are many festives celebrated in our country in which it is the most famous festival.At this day lord krishna born and it was been known that eight son of devaki and vaqsudeva will destroy the kamsa ,kamsa was in shock and he gave orders to kill that eighth son,but the destiny was not in favour of this and this eighth son was saved and today he known as god krishna .Thats why this day is celebrated.
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Happy Krishna Janmashtami Facebook Lines Thoughts Quotes

2016 Janmashtami Hindi Status For WhatsApp Facebook : The birthday of Hinduism’s favorite Lord Krishna is a special occasion for Hindus, who consider him their leader, hero, protector, philosopher, teacher and friend all rolled into one. Krishna took birth at midnight on the ashtami or the 8th day of the Krishnapaksha or dark fortnight in the Hindu month of Shravan (August-September). This auspicious day is called Janmashtami. Indian as well as Western scholars have now accepted the period between 3200 and 3100 BC as the period in which Lord Krishna lived on earth. 
  • “Krishna appears in this material world in His original eternal form, with two hands, holding a flute. He appears exactly in His eternal body, uncontaminated by this material world.” 
  • “Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.”
  • “Experience cold or heat, pleasure or pain. These experiences are fleeting; they come and go. Bear them patiently.”
  • “And when immorality prevails, O Krishna, the women of the family become corrupted; when women are corrupted, social problems arise.
  • “It is better to perform one’s own duties imperfectly than to master the duties of another. By fulfilling the obligations he is born with, a person never comes to grief.”
  • “Even though scolded by the wicked or insulted, ridiculed, calumniated, beaten, bound, robbed of his living or spat upon or otherwise abominably treated by the ignorant-being thus variously shaken and placed in dire extremities, the man who desires his well-being should deliver himself by his own effort through patience and non-resistence.”
  • “As the tiger devours other animals, so does the tiger of intense love and zeal for the Lord eat up lust, anger and other passions. The devotion of the gopis is the devotion of love, constant, unmixed and unflinching.”

Krishna Janmashtami 2016 Status In English Hindi for Boys Girls

Krishna Janmashtami 2016 English Status Lines Quotes : The festival is celebrated on the eighth day (Ashtami) of the Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) of the month of Bhadrapad (August–September) in the Hindu calendar. Rasa lila, dramatic enactments of the life of Krishna, are a special feature in regions of Mathura and Vrindavan, and regions following Vaishnavism in Manipur.[3] While the Rasa lila re-creates the flirtatious aspects of Krishna’s youthful days, the Dahi Handi celebrate God’s playful and mischievous side, where teams of young men form human towers to reach a high-hanging pot of butter and break it. This tradition, also known as uriadi, is a major event in Tamil Nadu on Gokulashtami.

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Krishna Janmashtami is followed by the festival Nandotsav, which celebrates the occasion when Nanda Baba distributed gifts to the community in honour of the birth.


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