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Best Lord Krishna Janmashtami 2016 Jhanki Songs Download

Watch Best Lord Krishna Janmashtami 2016 Raas Leela Performance Tutorial Ideas Songs Download : Lord Krishna Janmashtami Jhanki Made by students or children is the best idea for janmashtami which you can perform. Jhanki are the past stories of Lord Krishna. You can perform on Goverdhan Parvat janki which is one of the best Jhanki or past story of Lord Krishna when he lifted the mountain to save the Villagers from the anger of Lord Indra. Kansa story is also one of the good Jhanki or the Childhood of Lord Krishna which is very interesting and you will love to perform on it. You will get another beautiful articles on Janmashtami on Krishna Janmashtami Images website Like Krishna Janmashtami Dance Performance Songs HD Videos for Kids.

Shri Krishna Janmashtami 2016 Jhanki Mp3 Songs Videos

For a good performance of Jhanki you can dress up well as like Lord Krishna and select a good Jhanki which means the past stories of Lord Krishna. Now its time to select a team for Jhanki performance. You can choose the small kids for that because they are cute and as like Lord Krishna sot the public will take more Interest in Jhanki Performance. Apart from this you can also write a complete jhanki on a paper and one member can treat as a anchor who will speak the story on mic and the student can perform on Jhanki which will make it Best Lord Krishna Janmashtami 2016 Jhanki Songs Download. We are giving you the best Videos of the Jhanki from which you can take Ideas how to Perform best Jhanki On janmashtami.

How To Make Best Janmashtami Jhanki At Home

Here is all about Make Best Janmashtami Jhanki At Home For this as we discussed you need to do the team work. Make a gathering of people who would like to perform on Janmashtami and:
Select Team Who wants to perform Jhnaki
Decide a Same Dress for all
Write a best Jhanki like Goverdhan, Kansa etc
Write the Jhanki On Paper
Select A anchor
Now Anchor will speak Jhanki and the performer will perform on it on Janmashtami which will be a great idea. Some people perform well in practise time but not able to give their best in front of audience so do check these things so your jhanki performance must not spoil because of 1 person.


Govardhan Ashtami Jhanski Images Photos Videos Songs

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