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Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2016 Kids Temple Decorations Ideas Lighting Lights

How To Decorate Krishna on Janmashtami with Craft Work : Friends we have Krishna Jayanthi 2016 decoration ideas for 25th August. In this article we will discuss how to decorate things on upcoming Krishna Janmashtami 2016 like decoration of Lord Krishna, Decoration of Temple & the Prayer lamp, and the decoration ho home walls by lighting, All the preparations are very easy it just need some stationary & craft materials and your efforts of doing it with cleanliness.
To Decorate Lord Krishna Statue you can use the water colours & brush to paint the statue with the matching colour of your’s home wall or with your favourite colour, after that you can use the glitters to make the Krishna’s flute with sparkle which will look great in Lighting. Decorate Krishna on Janmashtami with Ornaments and pecock feather where you can place the feather of pecock at the center of the crown, you can place golden color chain from the hands of lord krishna till the flute will the sufficient curve and apart from this also work on Sri Krishna Janmashtami Homemade Temple Lighting Ideas which we are about to discuss.
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Happy Janmashtami Temple Decoration Competitions Tips

As we discussed above how to decorate Lord Krishna now we will discuss how to decorate temple, If you are a kid and looking for Sri Krishna Janmashtami Best Kids Temple Decorations Ideas then you need to purchase some craft material for this work like- Some Coloured papers, scissor, colours, and sticks, & one statue of Lord Krishna, make use of sticks to make the wall, ceiling and all the infrastructure of the temple then you can use coloured papers & colours to decorate the temple than you can place Lord Krishna inside the temple & decorate it with ornaments and sparkles. The another way of Sri Krishna Janmashtami Home Temple Decorations Ideas is to make use of coloured clay to make the temple, if you are very good in craft then even you can make Lord Krishna statue also by yourself & if you want to paste the Happy Krishna Janmashtami HD Images & Wallpaper In HD then you can download it from our website too, we have covered almost all the content of Krishna Janmashtami 2016.
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Sri Krishna Janmashtami Home Decoration Ideas

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Friends if you are confuse that how to decorate krishna on Janmashtami 2016 than no need to worry, Main things that you need is ornaments, peacock feather, craft items as we already discussed, decorative bells, Prepare & serve a special dish inside the mandir for Lord Krishna, Cloths of Lord Krishna & electronic lightning material to decorate walls of inside as well as of the outside of the home, Outer lightning is very important because it shows that we are celebrating this day with full of pleasure, when everyone do the same it give the outstanding religious view.


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